How to Return Your Ring

30 Day return Policy:

Customers have 30 days to return the ring for a full refund.

After the 30 days, customers will be given store credit which can be transferred to another individual.

If Exchanging, email us first at so we can determine which location has the size in stock that you need. This will get it back to you much faster.

It is of course the customers responsibility to mail the ring back to us for exchange.  Send it USPS and DO NOT send your ring back in a normal envelope, it will never get to us and you will loose your ring.  100% of normal envelopes go through machine processing and cannot handle anything thicker then 1/4" (our rings are 5/16") and nothing bulging in the envelope.

If you send it in a normal envelope the ring will be ripped out and can even clog the Mail Service sorting machine.  We are not responsible for a lost ring mailed to us.  Make sure you get a tacking number so you can make a claim if the post office looses the envelope

All of our processing centers go to a PO Box and UPS can not deliver to a PO Box.

Send your ring in a padded envelope (so it will be hand sorted) with a tracking number. This automatically give you some insurance without having to pay extra.

Email us your tacking number after you mail it so we can keep an eye out for it.

USPS Size & Thickness Link

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