Lifetime Warranty

$99.95 $49.95

Add a lifetime Warranty!

All Rings come with a 60 day Manufactures Defect Warranty and a (1) free 30 day size exchange warranty.

Add a Lifetime Warranty and have the same thing for life.

Remember Tungsten is so hard that it cannot be resized, but Tungsten is not indestructible. If your ring gets ruined for any reason (damaged or even breakage) with the life-time Warranty  we will replace your ring for life for $29.95. If you purchase a ring with a stone and hit your ring on something you can dislodge a stone. This is considered wear and tear (damage) and not defective and will be replaced for $29.95.

 Also, includes life time size exchange! All you pay is a $29.95 processing fee per ring claim. (1/2 price of original ring cost for a lost ring claim (minimum $29.95).  The Lifetime Warranty is Normally $99.95, on sale for $49.95, (First claim included with the $49.95 with damaged or size exchange claim) (With a lost ring claim, first claim is $29.95) 



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